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Magnetic Airborne Liquid (Red Bull)

FInally in the market, the magnetic version of the Airborne trick! Another classic of magic improved by Twister Magic. A secure and easy method that you can be sure to perform right a 100% of the times!

More details:


A classic effect performed by hundreds of magicians worldwide and popularize by Master Magician Lance Burton on TV. Display a can and a glass, then begin to pour liquid into the glass and as it pours just simply let go off the glass, as the liquid continues to pour, magically it stays floating in mid-air!
The neodymium magnets will provide you with a variety of advantages versus the older methods.
NO Hook!
NO Searching for a Catch!
NO chugging liquid!
You can even do it Blindfolded!
Comes with and instructional video.
Available in five models, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Heineken Beer and Red Bull models. All The cans are real soda cans.
It also includes a special unbreakable polycarbonate glass, that will last for a lifetime.