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Relacement Gimmick Cards - Birthday design


Spare gimmick card set for the Potty Painting magic trick are also available.The complete spare set includes the main envelope, a blank card, a black & white line drawing card and finally a messed up card covered with pretend paint splats. Please note, all images are copyrighted to Razamatazz Magic.

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Potty Painting (£ 95.00 inc VAT)

Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. Potty Painting is a New exciting modern magic painting trick where the magician magically makes a blank birthday card turn in to a full colour birthday card to give to the special child. But it's not that easy as the trick it goes horribly wrong with lots of laughs !

Replacement Cards - Birthday Design (£ 10.00 inc VAT)

New give away clown refill cards for the Potty Painting magic trick. Quality card stock and beautiful high quality printed Birthday design. Birthday child's name and magicians details can be effortlessly printed inside with most modern day home printers. Each pack has 30 refill cards. All images are copyrighted to Razamatazz Magic.