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Taz Entertainments


A new game by Taz Entertainment. Imagine a that combines audience participation, a quiz, russian roulette, some mess and a packet of eggs and you have the one and only Eggsplosion by Taz from Taz entertainments. For over 2 years Taz has used this in every 6 + kids show, family show and adult show to great success. After many requests he is sharing the complete workings with the magic community. Complete with everything you need to work this straight out of the box.
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£ 65.00

Eggsplosion (normal)

TAZ Lecture Notes

Taz has a wide experience of performing all over the UK, Europe and on a number of cruise ships. This has established him as one of the foremost entertainers in the UK. For many years he has kept his methods, games, effects and routines to himself. But having being asked to lecture at many quality clubs around as well as the prestigious Blackpool Magic convention he has decided to offer the lecture notes for sale.
£ 20.00

TAZ Lecture Notes (normal)