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Razamatazz Classics

Halloween Rampage

With all the fun we have had with Rabbit Rampage and Santa’s Surprise over the last 10 years we thought it would be great to finally release a Halloween version. This trick is the perfect Halloween trick for the professional children’s entertainer or magician and will keep the audience laughing and shouting throughout.
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£ 85.00

Halloween Rampage (normal)

Letters to Santa

A brand new magical Christmas routine By Razamatazz Magic Ltd.
As a child, the one thing I always wanted to know was how did Santa turn my letter into presents?
This is a very magical new routine where you do just that! Originally created to be performed by a professional Santa but now with new routeing it can be performed by anyone.
You take the children on a magical Christmas journey to the North Pole and show them just how Santa turns all their letters into presents.
£ 125.00

Letters to Santa (normal)

MGM, Marvellous Gumball Machine

SWEETS!!!! Everyone loves sweets. Well now with the MGM by Razamatazz Magic you can make sweets, in fact giant Gumballs appear from thin air!
All you need is the help of some brightly coloured flavour silks and your MGM, a brightly coloured and fantastically designed switching device.
Based on old techniques but brought bang up to date and made better than ever with some major improvements.
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£ 125.00

MGM, Marvellous Gumball Machine (normal)

Potty Painting

Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. Potty Painting is a New exciting modern magic painting trick where the magician magically makes a blank birthday card turn in to a full colour birthday card to give to the special child. But it's not that easy as the trick it goes horribly wrong with lots of laughs !
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£ 95.00

Potty Painting (normal)

Rabbit Rampage

Rabbit Rampage is an updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (Edwin Hooper) style children's effect, but with a big twist at the end. Great fun where Rodney the magic rabbit vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a different ending to the original.
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£ 75.00
Sorry - out of stock - more in soon Rabbit Rampage (normal)

Trick And Treat

The perfect magic routine for your Halloween shows!
Everyone’s favourite thing about Halloween is always trick or treating, unfortunately for us magician’s we never make it out on Halloween on time and there are never any sweets left for us.
Well now this doesn’t have to be a problem, not with this brand-new effect by Razamatazz Magic Ltd.
Just think now you can turn any old sweet wrappers that you find left over at the bottom of the Halloween tubs into brand new uneaten lovely sweets that you can share with your audience.
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£ 125.00

Trick And Treat (normal)

Ye Pirate

Ye Pirate version of the MGM trick
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£ 125.00

Ye Pirate (normal)