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Twister Magic

Twister Magic

Magnetic Airborne Liquid (Beer)

FInally in the market, the magnetic version of the Airborne trick!
Another classic of magic improved by Twister Magic.
A secure and easy method that you can be sure to perform right a 100% of the times!
Video of this product Video Demo
£ 36.00

Magnetic Airborne Liquid (Beer) (normal)


£ 30.00


Twister Thread

This thread is perfect to achieve great and visual stage levitations, now you can levitate some objects that were impossible to float before!

Lift from 200 grams up to 2000 grams on stage (Depending on the number of connecting points) with a great level of invisibility.
£ 15.00
Sorry - out of stock - more in soon Twister Thread (normal)