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Children's Show Magic

Here you will find a selection of magic tricks suitable for all children's entertainers for all ages of children. Also many exclusive from Razamatazz magic.

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In the all children's magic section you will be able to buy new modern magic for modern magicians and many great magic tricks for children's entertainers to use in their shows and childrens parties including our no.1 top seller Rabbit Rampage. Whether you perform kids magic or clown magic for a hobby or as a full time professional we guarantee you will love the range on offer from Razamatazz Magic. Check this website regularly as more tricks are in developement and many more exciting children's easy to do magic, fool proof magic and birthday magic will be added soon.

Magic meant for children must be streamlined and must not be too demanding on their attention or their abilities. Generally, you should avoid tricks with cards as most children can't distinguish between the suits and they rarely can memorize a card's identity. Magic with coins (see Coin magic) or paper money, on the other hand, is always popular with children. Movement and action are preferable to patter. Comedy, laughter and fun is a better vehicle than "mystery" for children.

Do not make the mistake in thinking that children are easy to entertain because at certain times they are hard to fool. The reason is, because they watch closely and don't listen and so may miss what you want them to actually see.

Since children do not have the natural social filters adults have in such situations, they have no compunction against pointing out every error or inconsistency a magician makes during his performance. This makes performing for children exceedingly difficult. Because of this, not everyone feels confident or comfortable performing children's shows and since children eagerly point out a magician's errors and inconsistencies, a good performer will use this knowledge to intentionally misdirect the children in his auidence.

One form of this type of misdirection is referred to as "Magician-in-Trouble" wherein a performer pretends to have made a mistake in order to cover-up a more important sleight.

The style used for children's magic is usually comical and uses props that are large and colorful. It's not uncommon for magicians to dress as clowns or in wild and outlandish costumes while performing. It's also important to use as many audience members as impromptu assistants as possible and have lots of audience participation for maximum enjoyment !

Magical words: Abracadabra, hey presto, hocus pocus, shazam, alakazam, sim sala bim,.

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